Matebe Tafere Gedifew (PhD, Associate Professor of Education Policy and Leadership)

President of Amhara Leadership Academy

Mob: 0911862252/0918340163

Values: Our Investments on Education and Training Made Us What We Are!!! The More We Invest On Educating And Training Leaders, The More Likely We Ensure Prosperity!!!

Message From The President

Amahara Leadership Academy, established by the Amhara Regional Council Proclamation No.221/2014, is one of the leading higher education and training institutions in Ethiopia mandated to shoulder missions related to leadership capacity building both at regional and national levels. The Academy has been effectively and efficiently shouldering its human capital development interventions using its scientifically organized infrastructures, and attractive and green physical environments.  As part of its human capital development missions, the academy has been particularly focused to providing short term trainings and consultancy services on leadership and management strategies, techniques, and tools like Business Process Reengineering, Balanced Score Card and kaizen, which are aimed at  maximizing effective and efficient productivity of organizations at national and regional levels. The academy has also a strong research and technology transfer unit which is aggressively promoting a research and publication culture in the academy focusing particularly on problem solving researches in selected thematic areas of the region in particular and the country at large. Besides, the academy is providing long term education and training programs at Masters and PhD levels in public policy and leadership, political economy, peace and development, and project management.

The above core functions of the academy have been framed with a strong belief that education and training made us what we are! A country’s development largely rests on the level of educational and training investment made on human capital development, and thereby, the availability of the productive human capital which the country is able to form through education and training. In this regard, the level of productivity of the available   human capital determines the country’s path to prosperity.

Human capital could also take different forms and levels. By and large, leaders, as parts of human capital, take the lion’s share in determining the countries’ path to success. Those countries that have had strong leaders are able to make sustainable developments. That is, leaders make a difference on the overall development paths of countries. The more we make investments on leadership development, the more opportunities we are likely to have for growth and prosperity. That is why we usually say organizations are reflections of the leaders who are leading them, and a similar analogy would work for a country. Therefore, it is with this conviction and determination that Amhara Leadership Academy is striving to take a strong part in the leadership development efforts of the region in particular and the country at large through its short and long term leadership training programs and responsive institutional platforms.



Educational Policy and leadership
Addis Ababa University 2013 G.C


Educational Planning and Management
Addis Ababa University
2006 E.C


Pedagogical Science and English Composite
Bahir Dar University
2001 E.C


Certified at Addis Ababa University

Work Experiences

From old to recent/from 2001 to 2021

  • Nine months experience as an English Teacher at Secondary Schools(from Sep 2001 to June 2001)
  • Five years experience as a School Principal in Ministry of National Defense(from July 2001 to 2004)
  • Six months experience as Academic Dean of a college in Ministry of National Defense in 2004
  • Three years experience as Head (Coordinator) of Higher Education Institutions, Ministry of |National Defense Training Main Department(2005 to 2008)
  • Joined Bahir Dar University as teaching and research staff since 2009
  • Ten months experience as Dean of College of Education, BahirDar University***( RECEIVED BEST DEAN OF THE YEAR AWARD IN 2015)
  • One and half years experience as Executive Director of Academic Affairs of Bahir Dar University, and as assistant professor of Educational Planning and Management (2014 to 2015)
  • Three years as GEQIP focal person of the BahirDar University 2014 to 2016)
  • Academic Vice president of Bahir Dar University for four years(Sep 2015 to June 2018) 
  • Served as a member of a task force organized for preparing a guide line the recruitment and selection of higher education leaders( assigned by Ethiopian Ministry of Education)
  • Served as a member of the task force organized to prepare the fifteen years national education road map( assigned by Ethiopian Ministry of Education)
  • Served as a chairperson of the task force organized to prepare the national qualification standards( assigned by MOE)
  • Served as a chair person for the national council organized to prepare the frame work and curriculum for the teacher education programs( assigned by Ethiopian Ministry of Education)
  • Serving as a board member of Finoteselam College of Teacher Education
  • Serving as a board member of society for Ecotourism and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Currently working as President of the Amhara National Regional State Leadership Academy(since July 2018)


One month leadership training in USA organized by world Bank (certificate awarded)

Three months leadership training in German organized by GIZ( certificate awarded)

Leadership training by the Ethiopian Management Institute(Certificate awarded)


  • Teaching courses at Masters level, and advised about 180 masters graduation papers( graduating students’ thesis works) since 2013,
  • Teaching courses at PhD level since 2015
  • Advised two PhD students who graduated in June and September 2020
  • Currently, advising six PhD students’ dissertation works at Bahir Dar University in addition to PhD course offerings.

Research Experiences

Articles Published on Reputable Journals:

  • Improving the Social Disabilities of Primary School Students
  • The Information Management Practices of Bahir Dar University
  • The leadership Practices of Combined Army Academy’s Dean
  • Perceptions on Instructional leadership: The perspectives of a principal, and Teachers of a primary school in Focus
  • The Prevalence, Trends, and consequences of Substance Use among University Students’: Implication for Intervention
  • Teachers’ Servant Leadership, Students’ Learning Engagement, and Academic Achievement in the Ethiopian Higher Education System
  • Social Justice and Social Justice Leadership: Perspectives of Women and Disables in one of Public Universities in Ethiopia
  • Leading changes through adaptive design: Change management practice in one of the universities in a developing nation
  • Measuring and Modeling the Adaptive Capacity of Universities: A Composite Indicators Methodology
  • Effects of Servant Leadership on Institutional Effectiveness of Public Universities in Ethiopia
  • Exploring the instructional leadership development practices in Ethiopia
  • Job satisfaction among employees of education offices in Assosa zone: Implication for intervention, Assosa, Ethiopia
  • Building a change adaptive university: A system of composite indicators to measure and facilitate pervasive changes
    Future Research Interest
  • Instructional leadership; school leadership; school climate; school culture; quality education; instructional supervision; leadership development; school improvement, public policy and leadership, public management

International Experiences

Frequent official visits made and partnerships established with universities from the following countries:

  • USA
  • China
  • German
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Israel
  • India
  • Japan
  • London
  • Uganda


               Mateb Tafere Gedifew(PhD)

              Associate Professor of Policy and Leadership at Bahir dar University

             President,  Amhara Leadership Academy , Bahir Dar , Ethiopia

             Mob: 0911862252/0918340163