Name: Gizachew Abay

Position: Academic Affairs Director   


Phone: 0918707648


  1. standardize education for leaders and support professionals who serve the public, rendered a leadership position with different administrational levels in the Region; to have a broad knowledge, skillful and highly ethical;
  2. produce the leaders and professionals with competent ,effective and quality, who can serve the region and the country at different levels with a democratic mindset and attitude;
  3. capacitate a leader , who works with effort to the use of the whole people and generate scientific and problem solver, based on the study of the programs, research, observation  and  critical analysis supported with reliable evidences

Expected Outcome’s

Outcome 1.  Design, implement and evaluate curricula for approved programs and improve them, and direct teaching and learning activities;

  • Assess the knowledge and skills gaps and needs of the leadership and successive leaders at all levels in the region and develop curricula for the programs that will enable leaders at all levels to serve the region, the country with critical thinking and attitudes.
  • Implement and evaluate  Academy’s  Legislation;
  • Develop a teacher development plan (document) to develop qualified teachers;
  • Oversees the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching learning process .

Outcome 2. Coordinate the preparation of studies, guidelines and instructional manuals;

  • Prepares work instructions, teacher recruitment requirements and instructional manuals, monitors their implementation;
  • conduct regular professional development and training needs for teachers and professionals at all levels, identify gaps, devise strategies for professional development training;

Outcome 3.  Professional contribution to institutional and national issues;

  • conduct research, community services that can support the learning process;
  • Sharing experience with other higher education institutions;
  • participating in various relevant national and international workshops, seminars and meetings;
  • Recognize and analyze the experiences of different countries, understands and understands national and international issues as needed;
  • Identify the best experienced higher education institutions in the world and implement their adaptation to the realities of the academy.

Outcome 5.  Coordinate learning and teaching activities to produce competent and effective leaders with a democratic critical thinking and attitudes;

  • Produce leaders who can achieve missions , objectives and vision of the country at large, and provide prompt and appropriate answers to public questions, who solve social, economic and political problems of the region and the country;
  • Develop a democratic mindset and perspective in various media, with a comprehensive understanding of the international situation; Provides professional descriptions and explanations at regional (African) and international levels;
  • Participate at national and international workshops; seminars: research forums that can promote a democratic thinking and attitudes.