Name: Saleh Adem

Position: quality & relevance assurance Directorate Director   


Phone: 0918781768

Duities & responsibilities of Quality & relevance assurance directorate

1.0 key /main/ objectives, activities, roles & results፡-

  •  Depending on the Academy five/ten/ years’s starategic plan preparing the directorate plans, performing the respected activities, report preparation & presentation accordingly.
  • Preparing different quality & relevance assurance frame-work, working manual & satandards  i.e.-
  •  Prepare & develop Educational, Training, consultancy, research & development, leadership, administration and service delivery quality & relevance assurance standards.
  •  According to the standards quality & relevance assurance follow-up & audits will be conducted & reporte will be performed.
  •  Giving & taking feed back of the report for its perfect accomplishment, improvement of standards with respect to the duties & responsibilities of the directorates & the academy at large.
  •  Performing internal quality & relevance assurance & then Competing for external quality award by contacting national quality award Ajencies.
  •   Follow-up for wheather the student & or trainees are selected with the exact criterion or checklists, in line with the vision & mission of the academy, with the exact teaching & learning methods, material, books, module contents, exact exam-quises, & hence giving the necessary improvement suggestions.
  •  Evaluate wheather the students & or trainees are learned or trained according to their need, interest depending on the respected problem solving-student-trainee centered curriculum & customer satisfaction research, feedback & other activities.
  •  Preparing different quality & relevance assurance check lists, questionairs, observations, supervision formats /Indicators/ e.t.c… & act accordingly for improving quality.
  •  Performing & checking whether the academy directorates are using the latest change agents /BPR, BSC, Kizen etc…/ to derive, bring & promote the prosporous quality & relevance for the academy.
  • Preparing training materials about quality & relevance & then train workers, dierectors & managers of the academy.
  • Arranging teaching & learning monthly programs with the colleagues /each other/ by preparing the necessary documents.
  •  Communicating with quality award agencies, organaizations sister academies, higher institutions, colleges, and universities etc for shairing-benchmerking experience & trainings.
  •  Arranging different  quality & relevance assurance seminars, workshops, symposiums…. /together with the respected directorates/
  • Not only performance of the Directrorates Kaizen daily programs including meeting twice a month /monthly/, but also accomplishment of change team weakly programs.
  • Checking the directorate’s customer satisfaction through different mechanisms, formats, questionnaires & act according to improve quality.
  • 2. Additional activities
  • Assessing the performance problems of quality – relevance & bringing solutions together with the Academies managemenet & Senate members.
  •  Active participation in different social, poletical, the existing, current & urgent national, regional, academy, directorate & team spirit affairs /matters/.
  •  Preparing different action plans-for follow-up of the main plan-given to the respected BSC-plan of the workers
  • Archiving different materials, documents, researches-papers, e.t.c… i.e. hard & soft copy of the directorate & the incoming ones.
  •  Fulfilling the most important /tanteamount/ quick-wins in order to deliver our service by using change agents at the office coridor, door, desk & personal matter.