Name: Tsehaye Asress

Position: ICT Director


Phone: 0913115975


Information and communication technology (ICT) has a huge impact on all disciplines including Education. Apart from the ubiquitous presence, information and communication technology (ICT) plays a significant role in global economic activity, as employment, and people’s lives become more digital, more connected, and more efficient. The emergence of this new world economy has a profound effect on the state and purpose of educational institutions. ICT has transformed traditional learning methods into a modern and communicative environment. ICTs can play an integration role with four fundamental missions of higher educational institutions, namely learning-teaching, research and innovation, community engagement and administrations.


Amahara Leadership Academy, is one of the higher education and training institutions in Ethiopia mandated to missions related to leadership capacity building both at regional and national levels.  To this end, the Academy recognizes ICT as a powerful enabling tool for institutional change and transformation to achieve its strategic missions and vision.

The Directorate manages the data network infrastructures, central service provisions such as website, email, video conferencing system,  internet, bandwidth optimization and business automations. The Directorate also provides troubleshooting, maintaining, supporting services to streamline the Academy operational business processes


The mission of the ICT Directorate is to play a major enabling role in strengthening the operational missions of the Academy, namely learning-teaching, research and innovation, community engagements, institutional development and administrations

Duties and Responsibilities

The main objectives of the ICT Directorate are to address key ICT infrastructural, services and business automation needs of the Academy with reference to the strategic plan. These include:

  • ICT Infrastructures and services enhancement and expansion to enable technology-enhanced education and innovation
  • Digitizing and Automating operational academic, research, service provision and administrative business processes
  • Creating seamless and secured educational environment
  • Driving ICT human capacity development, maximizing business-enabling collaborations 
  • Provision of ICT technical support and maintenance services to streamline the operational business processes of the Academy